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Courses 2015

Since more than 27 years I am leading maintenance and repair courses in German for Tractionists in Benken ZH near the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. Some years ago I started with courses in English and with advanced courses, which became very popular, especially because of the combination of theoretical and practical elements, paired with many demonstration parts. It is important to know, that it is possible to participate with or without your own car. Participants in the past courses were not only coming from England, but from as far as Japan and Australia. At the evening of the first course day a visit in a wine cellar in Benken will be organized.
Accomodation will be booked on request. For details contact Daniel Eberli.
This year (April 10/11 and May 1/2), the advanced courses will treat the removal and installation of a 4-cylinder Traction engine, both in theory as doing the job in practice, which might be of special interest to you, even if your knowledge of the german language is limited.
A report from the English course of 2013 was printed in the magazine of the Australian Citroën Club. The text file is available on request by email to
Tractionists, being able to follow tutorings in German may also participate in more courses held throughout spring 15 in German language. If there is sufficient interest, additional courses may beconducted in English.
Reports in German from earlier courses can be found on the CTAC website, in the folder “Berichte”.

March 27/28


Maintenance and repair course forTractionists (Course language: English)

  • Learn the basics, the functions and the peculiarities of the different componentsof a Traction in theory and practice.
  • Recognize malfunctions, causes and consequences thereof
  • Carry out simple maintenance tasks and know the importance of regular care and maintenance
  • Traction Ownership is not required: You’ll get advice for buying a Traction, but if you own a Traction you are invited to participate with your car.
  • You’ll get dozens of useful hints

Course costs: CHF 200.-(~ € 170.- / £ 130.-), food and accomodation not included.
Max numberofparticipants: 8

Since the number of participants is limited, early registration is recommended. The application must be made not later than two weeks before the course. At very high demand, additional courses or an advanced course in English may be taken into consideration.

Daniel Eberli
Im Chellhof 3,
CH-8463 Benken.
Tel /Fax +41 (0) 52 319 25 17

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