Eine Traction aus Neuseeland
Von Rudolf Weber

Ganz überraschend erhielt ich heute mein Feedbackformular auf meine private Homepage, in der ich unter anderem meine Traction vorgestellt habe, ausgefüllt:

Gefallen=Sehr gut
HI I AM AN OWNER OF 1953 BIG 15 11C and a 1954 light 15

Darauf musste ich natürlich postwendend (eMailwendend?) antworten:

Hi Antony
What a surprise to get a feedback to my website from the other side of the world. Do you know, that there is no other country as far away from Switzerland as New Zealand? As a kid, I always imagined that you people from New Zealand must be walking on your hands because you live downunder. How come that you own a Citroen Traction Avant? Obviousely, some British made Citroen cars found their way around the world.

I am a member and the webmaster of a very active Swiss Traction Avant Club. If you like, you may visit our homepage. It's is available only in German but we plan to open a English version as there are many traction avant friends all over the world.

Do you have a picture of your fine car?

Rudolf Weber

Kaum 20 Minuten verstrichen, da klingelte meine Mail-Inbox. Es war Antony, der meinen Wunsch prompt erfüllte. Ist das Internet nicht die zweitfaszinierenste Sache der Welt? (An erster Stelle stehen natürlich unsere Tractions!)

Hi this is my citroen big 15 and no my hands are not my feet. there is quite a strong citroen club in N.Z. kind regards Keith Antony