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Hochzeitsbilder von Philip McKinstry

I am happy to report that Brigitte was on her best behaviour for the big event on 10th May 2014, a few noisy gear changes between first and second that were down to the driver but otherwise perfection.

I got to observe the final preparation of bride for her last ride in a Citroen in her maiden name, her first car ride had been in a 2cv!!  Our drive to the church was in sunshine with friendly chat on the way. The rain came on while the ceremony was in progress and continued as the  French guests hurried to board a large bus with  the chauffeur in overcoat and peaked cap on hand to supply and retrieve umbrellas.
With no photographic interlude, bride and groom were into Brigitte and it rained until we reached Cultra Manor.  I waited until all the guests dismounted from the bus, and thus there was a rain free setting down in the circle in front of the Manor House. 

Never mind the bride and groom Brigitte was there

On her best behaviour, just a few crunches by an inexperienced driver.

Nice interior too, red leather upholstery